Lake County Republican Party Welcomes Kevin Malecek

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist and Independent

Kevin Malecek is Mentor’s Director of Economic Development & International Trade. He is sandwiched between Amy Sabath (R), and Jerry Styles (R) (440) 974-5736

Mr. Malecek is also a staunch Democrat. However, we have come to realize that the (D) or (R) after a name means very little except to get elected to public office.

It has been confirmed that Mr. Malecek was invited by the Republican elites to their Election Day party at the Patrician Center in Eastlake.

It was also reported to LFC that the Republican Party will be making a serious investment in “chap stick” because it has been reported that many Republicans have been inflicted with a serious case of “chapped lips” for kissing Malecek’s hiney all night long.

Do not be surprised if we see an exodus from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party so that the Democrat can be elected in Lake County.

Do not be deceived, judge them by their fruits and not their words.


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