Ohio Supreme Court Gives Lake County Judges a Christmas Gift

By Brian Massie, average citizen

The Ohio Supreme Court has made a final ruling on the lawsuit filed by Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews against the Lake County Judges. The Judges were irate that the Supreme Court ruled against them, and filed yet another motion asking the Supreme Court to reconsider their decision admonishing the Judges for trying to usurp the will of the people that elected Clerk Andrews. Here is the short and sweet message from the Supreme Court:


Chief Justice, Maureen O’Conner, seems to be telling the Lake County Judges: We will have no more of your asinine motions. You lost, deal with it! Let the people decide your worth at the next election.

Here is the Christmas gift for the Lake County judges from the Ohio Supreme Court:

Here are the judges involved:


Here’s hoping 2023 is better for the Lake County judges, and that they can win back the trust of the Lake County citizens. Right now, they have a long way to go. This may be the time to see fresh faces in our court system.

As the old saying goes: “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”



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