Laketran…A Call to Rescind the 1/4% Sales Tax!!

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

While researching the paid Facebook ads dealing with the entity known as “A Better Lake County”, we found the following 2019 Laketran ad asking for the taxpayers to increase the county sales tax by 1/4%.

The first link shows the CEO, Ben Capelle, asking for the sales tax increase and stating it will be for the Dial-A-Ride services. The second link shows the written ad about the need for the sales tax increase to cover Lake County’s aging population.

The Dial-A-Ride services was original based on “sssential” needs, but has been replaced, for a variety of reasons, to a “first come first serve basis”.

You may ask how is Laketran doing financially in 2023? The answer would be a resounding GREAT!!!! Here is the January 2023 balance sheet. Please note that they have $51,911,165 in cash in 2023, and that is an increase of $20,124.977 (63.3%) over the $31,786,188 in 2023!!!!

Here is a statement showing the actual sales tax collected and their projected sales tax revenue for 2023. Please note that they are projecting to collect another $23.5 million in sales tax this year. This is a result of 1/2% sales tax that they collect.


We are asking the the Laketran Board of Directors to rescind the 1/4% sales tax that the voters passed in 2019.

Laketran “changed the deal” on the taxpayers when their 2019 Facebook ads promoted the Dial-A-Ride service, but they subsequently “changed the deal” when they went to a “first come, first serve” program.

Lake County’s political subdivision are growing at a tremendous rate, and they are outpacing the taxpayers’ ability to continue to pay the excessive taxation.

Who in Lake County is looking out for the financial interest of the taxpayers?…Answer: No One

If you agree with us, we suggest that you contact each one of the Laketran Board members. Here is a link to their contact information. Ask them to rescind the 1/4% County sales tax.




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