Seven AG’s Protecting Children.. Ohio’s Dave Yost is not one of them

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We would like to thank a Lake County elected official for sending this to us. The source wishes to remain anonymous.

The Attorney Generals of seven states signed a letter directed at Target for violating obscenity laws in their state. Unfortunately, the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was not one of them

Who is protecting Ohio’s children?

Dave Yost, Lake County’s Charles Coulson, and Lake County local prosecutors have all declined to step up and protect the children. We are still waiting to hear from State Senator Jerry Cirino, Representative Jamie Callender, and Representative Dan Troy. We will be adding them all to our “Wall of Shame”. Stay tuned.


Seven Republican Attorney Generals have sent a letter to retail giant Target warning that their Pride month displays may have violated state laws that “protect children from harmful content meant to sexualize them and prohibit gender transitions of children.”

The letter was penned by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and signed by his counterparts from Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina.

“As the chief legal officers of our States, we are charged with enforcing state laws protecting children and safeguarding parental rights,” the letter stated. “State child-protection laws penalize the ‘sale or distribution . . . of obscene matter.’ A matter is considered ‘obscene’ if ‘the dominant theme of the matter . . . appeals to the prurient interest in sex,’ including ‘material harmful to minors.’ Indiana, as well as other states, have passed laws to protect children from harmful content meant to sexualize them and prohibit gender transitions of children.”

In light of these responsibilities, the letter continued to say, “we wish to communicate our concern for Target’s recent ‘Pride’ campaign. During this campaign, Target wittingly marketed and sold LGBTQIA+ promotional products to families and young children as part of a comprehensive effort to promote gender and sexual identity among children.”

“This year, Target reportedly promoted and sold products in our states that included, among other products, LGBT-themed onesies, bibs, and overalls, t-shirts labeled ‘Girls Gays Theys;’ ‘Pride Adult Drag Queen Katya’ (which depicts a male dressed in female ‘drag’); and girls’ swimsuits with ‘tuck-friendly construction’ and ‘extra crotch coverage’ for male genitalia,” Rokita continued. “Target also included merchandise by the self-declared ‘Satanist-Inspired’ brand Abprallen, which is known for designs that glorify violence. These designs include the phrases ‘We Bash Back’ with a heart-shaped mace in the trans-flag colors, ‘Transphobe Collector’ with a skull, and ‘Homophobe Headrest’ with skulls beside a pastel guillotine. Target also sold products with anti-Christian designs, such as pentagrams, horned skulls, and other Satanic products. One such design included the phrase ‘Satan Respects Pronouns’ with a horned ram representing Baphomet—a half-human, half-animal, hermaphrodite worshiped by the occult.”

The letter noted that Target provides financial support to an organization called GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”), which “furnishes resources to activists for the purpose of undermining parents’ constitutional and statutory rights by supporting ‘secret gender transitions for kids’ and directing public schools to withhold ‘any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including [to] parents or guardians.’”

Rokita wrote that the Pride displays, coupled with the support for GLSEN, “raise concerns under our States’ child-protection and parental-rights laws but also against our States’ economic interests as Target shareholders.”

After news of Target’s Pride campaign went viral, a conservative boycott caused the company’s stock prices to plummet by 16 percent. The company has already lost $12 billion in market value.




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