Meet Attorney Dave Yost…a double dipper

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall

Ohio’s illustrious Attorney General, the one that does not get involved in local problems dealing with ORC 2907.321 “Pandering obscene material to children in public schools, is also a double-dipper. And we are not talking about dipping into the bowl of queso dip, taking a bite, and then “redipping”.

Oh no, the “hands off” attorney, Dave “It’s not my problem” Yost, “retired” to collect his FULL PERS pension, and then was “rehired” as the Attorney General.

Now this is all so very legal mind you. School officials do this as a matter of course, some former, and at least one current state lawmaker has done it, according to The Statehouse News Bureau.

Please keep this in mind when Dave Yost needs your vote for any future office. He’s double-dipping while the average citizen is being priced out of their homes with ever-increasing property taxes! And he will not protect the children!

Dave Yost


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