Lake County RINO’s Deceiving Voters

By Brian Massie, A Watchman on the Wall.

Thanks to a Lake County Republican for sending this message to us. We salute Republican Party Chairman Dale Fellows for stepping up an warning Lake County Republicans about the fake slate card recently distributed to deceive Lake County voters.

THERE IS ONLY ONE OFFICIAL LAKE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY SLATE CARD!!!  It is attached with this message and on our website

Over the past eight years the Democrats, government officials, the media, etc. have lied about Donald Trump, about Republican elected officials, and about the Republican Party.

The adage says, “If you tell a lie strong enough and often enough people will believe it.”  They have been using that tactic for years.

In this primary season we have received a lot of negative campaign mail, text messages, seen lots of negative TV ads, social media ads, etc.

Unfortunately, it is republican on republican, but in some cases, it is Democrats masquerading as republicans trying to influence our elections!  DON’T BE FOOLED!!

If something is true, then that is valid information to be brought forward.  When it is not true, then that crosses the line especially when it is defamatory.

Twisting the facts or trying to be deceptive is when we all have an obligation to set the record straight.  Unfortunately, this is happening in our own primary.

Combating the lies that are perpetrated for political gain requires us to stay vigilant, speak the truth, and fight back against that type of corruption.

Our Founding Fathers fought a war 250 years ago against this very thing.  We owe it to them to uphold the integrity of our self-government or it will collapse.

In this season of lent, we understand the devil is working against and using the “evildoers” to do his work.  Don’t let him win.

Make sure you go Vote!!!

Chairman Dale H. Fellows

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