Muslims & Shariah Law

Smokescreen on Samaria

Smokescreen on Samaria by Tabitha Korol Islamists use our country’s laws and multicultural activism to transform our public libraries into venues for spreading Islam. The indoctrination includes stories that skew the truths and conceal their violent history.   William Sutcliffe’s The… Read More ›

The Flames of Envy

The flames of envy   By Tabitha Korol August 15, 2018 The achievements of others can either inspire us to excel or foster envy that brings destruction. The choice is ours and the Islamic world has chosen the latter. The so-called… Read More ›

A Jihadi in Hijab…

A jihadi in hijab by Tabitha Korol  2/2/18  Linda Sarsour, American-born to Palestinian parents, is unreservedly an anti-Semite and anti-Israeli activist. Identifying as a feminist and an advocate for human and women’s rights, she attracted 500,000 women to the January… Read More ›