File this one under “Chutzpah”

Leo Rosten in The Joys of Yiddish defines chutzpah as “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible ‘guts’, presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language can do justice to”

At the last Land Bank meeting we were shocked to hear that the City of Cleveland Catholic Diocese  would like the Land Bank to pay the cost of demolishing the St. Mary Magdalen Rectory and Convent in Willowick.  The link below will show you three pictures of its deplorable condition.  We were told that it has been in this condition for 10+ years.

Pic 1

Pic 2

pic 3

It was a bit unclear if the church still wanted to own the land, or would they give it to the Land Bank to be sold after demolition.  Why should the taxpayers of Lake County be burdened with these costs?  Think the Catholic Church does not have the money?  Continue reading.

Here is an excerpt of an article written by Lisa Bourne of Life Site News dated September 8, 2016:

“Thousands of federal grants and contracts come from the Obama administration to the Catholic Church,…. but in particular, hundreds of millions of dollars in fiscal year 2016 alone found their way to the USCCB, Catholic Charities, CRS, and the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), “jaw dropping grants to carry out the Obama agenda.”

“We’ve got the most virulently anti-life administration in the history of the United States,” Yore told LifeSiteNews. “And the Catholic Church is propping up the administration.”

“I find it very troubling that the Church is cooperating with the Obama administration,” she said.

Three of the grant recipients comprise an ongoing fiscal relationship between the U.S. bishops and Obama’s administration, Yore said in the report published by The Remnant.

The figures available on the website show the USCCB garnering more than $91 million for refugee resettlement programs, more than $202 million going to Catholic Charities, which also serves refugees, and the Boston-based ICMC getting more than $17 million in government funds stipulated entirely for U.S. refugee resettlement.

It is always follow the money.  Now that is what I call “Chutzpah”!!!  The City of Willowick officials should grow a backbone and condemn the building so the owners are responsible to demolish it, and not the taxpayers.


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