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On August 30, 2017 I wrote a letter to the News-Herald in response to an article that they had posted written by Monica Irelan, Painesville City Manager regarding Illegal Aliens.

The News-Herald did publish the letter and had the audacity to change the phrase “illegal aliens” to the politically correct term “undocumented immigrants”.  When I asked them why they changed it they said that the Associated Press had ruled some time ago that they will not use the term “illegal alien”.  I told them that they are kneeling at the altar of political correctness.  Their reply: “If you want to call it that, then I guess so”.

They also changed my final comment:  No Borders = No Sovereignty = No Country.  They changed “country” to “county”, but I consider that a typographical error.

I submit that we are moving in the wrong direction if the press is permitted to change the words in the letter to the editors.  What is next?  Is it acceptable for them to change the meaning of the letter to fit their narrative?

Letter to editor 8-30-17





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