ADAMHS Board Tax Levy

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I heard about the ADAMHS Board requesting a renewal of the their tax levy on the May, 2018 ballot.   As lobbyists for Citizens we are going to ensure that all agencies prove to the taxpayers that they have been good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

I sent a letter to Ms. Kim Fraser, Executive Director of the Lake County ADAMHS Board. Here is the letter:

Letter to Kim Fraser 10-4 of ADAMHS asking for Form 990

Ms. Fraser responded to my letter…here is her response.

Kim Fraser Letter 10-12-17

All we can say is… We welcome the challenge…..We will not go quietly into the night….Silence is not an option…

Update: 10/17/17…I will be speaking at the Lake County Commissioners’ Meeting today and will enter the information provided below into the public record.  We obtained the information from an on-line website that provides the Form 990 required to be filed by all “non-profits”. Since it only provided statistics for FY 2010 – FY 2014, we will be asking the Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers for updated information.  They receive a lot of money from Lake County taxpayers.  We will let the taxpayers judge if they are being good stewards of our money.  The Commissioners’ attorney will intercede on our behalf with the Kim Fraser of the ADAMHS Board, and try to help us get the information.

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Revenue vs Expenses 2010-2014

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Analysis of Expenses 2010_2014

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Balance Sheet 2010-2014




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