Need a ride? Call LakeTran

Seniors and others without transportation may want to look into our local transit system.  Although a bit limited in service routes, they do provide a great service to seniors.  We have had some great personal experience with their services for seniors.

LakeTran’s telephone number: 1-888-525-3872

Here is a link to their website:

From their website:

Laketran is the regional transit authority for Lake County, Ohio. The agency was established on December 23, 1974.  The name, “Laketran”, was adopted in 1979.

Laketran is Lake County’s regional public transportation system that provides three types of bus services: local bus routes, demand response Dial-a-Ride, and Park-n-Ride for Cleveland commuters.

All services are open to the public. The fleet servicing these routes consists of 16 kneeling local route buses, 22 motor coach buses for commuter service, and 76 paratransit vans for Dial-a-Ride. Laketran’s bus fleet is 100% ADA accessible and equipped with a lift.

Local Bus Routes:

Local Routes Operate Monday – Saturday

Saturday Route 5

To remain cost-effective, Saturday Route 5 bus service operates with a smaller “Dial-a-Ride” sized bus. The bus is equipped with a farebox, destinations sign, bike racks, pull cords and is ADA accessible.

What is Dial-a-Ride?

Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door, assisted transportation shared-ride service. Transportation services are provided throughout Lake County and to limited medical facilities in Cleveland. 

Park-n-Ride Routes Operate Monday – Friday

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