What does it cost to place a tax levy on the ballot?

The cost to place a levy or an issue on the ballot is based on several factors.

A normal scheduled election is on “even” years….2018, 2020, 2022, etc. However, “odd” year elections are usually held in May or August.  The quoted estimated cost to the political sub-division is $1,500 per precinct that will be voting on the levy or issue.  The number of precincts depends on the type of district.  Lake County has a total of 162 precincts.  So, in theory, to place a single issue on the ballot for all 162 precincts would cost ~$243,000 ($1,500 x 162).

Other factors that impact the cost are the number of political sub-divisions with a levy or issue on the ballot.  There is a sharing of costs, if multiple levies are on the ballot at the same time.

Here is a chart of the districts in Lake County and their respective number of precincts:

Precincts by District 8-2017

If the Willoughby-Eastlake School District wanted to place a levy on the May ballot on an “odd” year with no other levy or issue on the ballot, it would cost approximately $73,000 ($1,500 x 49 precincts).

The political sub-division must have their request into the Board of Elections for any levy to be placed on the ballot 90 days before the election day.

Here is a link to the schedule of Lake County Precincts’ Polling Places:

Click to access POLLING%20LOCATIONS%20-Single%20Page.pdf

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