Commissioners’ meeting 11/30

Commissioner Cirino gave a recap of his meeting with federal officials regarding the possible closure of nuclear plants in Northern Ohio and the use of coal.  He stated that Governor Kasich is not supporting Northeast Ohio and does not seem to care about the economic impact to Lake County.  In any event, it sounds like the citizens of Lake County will again bear the brunt of pain with increased utility costs, and real estate taxes.  Stay tuned there is much more to said about this subject.

We asked the Commissioners for some help getting a meeting with State Senator and Land Bank Executive Director John Rogers since we have been unsuccessful to date.  We objected to the Land Bank’s decisions to agree to the Catholic Church’s request to demolish their rectory and convent that they had let fall into disrepair; and Crossroad’s request to demolish a building on their new property. It is our stance that the Catholic Church has enough money to fix their own problems without asking for a bailout by the Lake County taxpayers.  In addition, we mentioned that Crossroads, although designated as a “non-profit”, has been very profitable and has over $7 million in marketable securities and earned $183,000 from their investments in one year.  We will continue to fight for taxpayers, and the seemingly endless requests from organizations to use taxpayers’ money to solve their problems.

We received a call from Mr. Rogers and we will be meeting with him on Friday, 12/8.  Stay tuned…..we will report the results of that meeting.


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