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I had a meeting with Ms. Karen McLeod of Extended Housing in Painesville.  Ms. McLeod was very gracious with her time, gave me a tour of their facility, and provided some information on mental health issues facing Lake County residents.

Here is a link to their website:

The creation of Extended Housing is a result of the Federal and State governments closing down the mental hospitals decades ago, and giving the responsibility for the much needed services to the local governments.  The ADAMHS Board, to whom Extended Housing reports, was created by the State of Ohio and is governed by Ohio Revised Code section 340.

Extended Housing, Inc., a Non-Profit 501 ( c) (3), receives its funding from Federal and State grants in addition to the ADAMHS Board.  It is responsible for the ownership, management, and maintenance of properties throughout Lake County that are available as temporary, or sometimes permanent housing for residents with a mental illness.

Although their ultimate goal is to ensure that their client receives the proper treatment and support that can help the client to become a productive member of society, their success can be measured in other ways.  For example, success can be getting the individual off the street, agreeing to see a doctor, taking their medication on a regular basis, or interacting with their peers.

Mental illness, if not treated properly, can lead to despair and ultimately homelessness.  Although food and housing insecurity are major impediments for citizens becoming integrated and productive members of society, a peer based support structure is also vital to the client’s success in dealing with their illness.

Their office building is at 270 East Main Street in Painesville, and was purchased for $270,000 a few years ago.   Extended Housing occupies the third floor, Bridges, another mental health agency supported by the ADAMHS Board, and the Lake County Council on Aging’s meals on wheels / congregate meal program, occupy the first floor; the second floor is being refurbished so that it can be leased to other tenants yet to be found.

Their building renovations will require an elevator, and additional bathrooms to comply with the Americans with Disability Act that will cost approximately $870,000 with $200,000 coming from the ADMHS Board and the balance from other federal and State of Ohio grants.  There is another need; a $43,000 request to replace beds that are resistant to bed bugs.

Here are some questions we asked Ms. McLeod:

  1. How many people on average are you supporting in Extended Housing?

Answer: Last fiscal year, we helped 666 clients with all of our programs including our outreach program for the homeless.

2. What is the current capacity for Extended Housing?

Answer: There are 91 housing units that are owned by Extended Housing, which includes group homes.  The four housing voucher programs vary as our clients pay 30% of their income towards rent and the rental assistance subsidizes pays the remaining balance of their rent. (Comment: As we have said in other posts, it has been universally accepted that 30% of annual income is the maximum affordability percentage)

Statistics for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017:

102 people / 93 households lived in Extended Housing owned Supportive Housing units in properties throughout Lake County.

68 people lived in residential care at North Coast House.

142 families were able to live independently in other rental housing units through Extended Housing’s Rental Voucher Programs throughout Lake County.  This includes a specific program that housed and served 9 Veteran Households consisting of 19 persons.

125 homeless people were linked with mental health services and resources in the community (Case management with other mental health agencies).  163 people were engaged in mental health services, 36 households accessed housing and were no longer homeless.

28 households received a one-time “no interest” loan for rental assistance and or security deposits.

27 households successfully transferred off Extended Housing assistance (Comment: major victory)

3. Do you ask potential residents their legal status in the United States?

   Answer:  We do ask about legal status at MCN, and they have to provide proof of it in order to live there – they must prove that they are citizens by birth or legally allowed to be here. (Comment: We applaud them for their efforts to comply with our federal laws)

4. Is there a religious component to your program?

Answer: No  (Comment: Our suggestion, if deemed appropriate by the mental health professionals, is that a religious component be added by soliciting help from the men or women in our faith community)

Here is the financial support received from the ADAMHS Board for FY 2013 – FY 2017

FY 2013    $1,023,333
FY 2014    $1.170,043
FY 2015    $2,231,214
FY 2016    $2,216,997
FY 2017    $1,705,904

When reviewing the revenue received from the ADAMHS Board and the total number of clients served, we calculated that on average ~ $2,561,00 per year or $213.00 per month was spent on each of the 666 clients. ($1,705,904 / 666)

Here is page 1 of their Form 990 for the year ended 6/30/16:
Form 990 6-20-16

Total Revenue for the year was $2,591,374, total expenses were $2,672,900 leaving a shortfall of $81,526.

The total average expenditure per client was $4,013.00 ($2,672,900 / 666).  I attribute this high per client cost due to the high cost of providing adequate housing for their clients, and not wasteful spending.

One last statistic – Total salaries and benefits for the year were $930,668 which represents 34.8% of total expenses. ($930,688 / $2,672,900)

(Comments: My assessment is that this agency is an integral part of the solution to support and care of those Lake County residents with mental illnesses.  Until the medical community can provide a better solution, the only option for treatment is through medication, support and counseling.  There is a cost to society if these individuals were left on their own.  The community is better served, as well as the individuals, by providing assistance so that they can have hope of becoming productive members of society. 

 Matthew 25:40 ….”Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Thank you Ms. McLeod and keep up the good work.


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