Port Authority….preparing Lake County for the next generation…

We attended a board meeting for the Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority today.

The Port Authority is authorized by the State of Ohio Revised Code, and is under the supervision of the Lake County Commissioners.  There are paid employees, but many on the Board are volunteers.

They are responsible for ensuring Lake County’s economic well-being by retaining  existing companies and attracting new businesses to the area.  They are also interested in the training, and development of the workforce that will be needed to meet the needs of existing and future businesses.  They also assumed responsibility for the Lost Nation airport.

They showed videos produced by the students and staff of the Auburn Career Center that were meant to highlight the benefits for millennials of living in Lake County.  They mentioned a report by the Brookings Institute that indicated that there is a definite migration of millennials away from the downtown urban living into the suburbs as they decide to raise a family and want a yard. (Comment: This is a radical departure from what I have been led to believe.  Previously, we were told that millennials want no commitment of maintaining homes, and yards. We will have to locate that report.)

They have entered into an agreement with the Land Bank to take ownership of a house in Willowick.  There is no cost to the Port Authority, and the house will be updated to meet the needs of the millennials   It will be used as a showcase with detailed instructions for anyone thinking about updating a house built in the 1950’s – 1960’s.

We did get a chance to speak during the public session, and I told them we were concerned about real estate taxes, and our desire to inform Lake County residents about pricing those living on fixed incomes out of their homes.

I asked them if they have a Board policy on the sovereignty of the United States, and do they believe in Open borders?  The Board president immediately stated that they have not talked about it at all. (Comment: it amazes me how toxic this subject has become with government officials or board members.  Patriotism may be dying at the alter of political correctness.  From this viewpoint , silence is viewed as acquiescence.)

This is a professionally run organization that seems to have their act together, but we will continue to monitor them to see if we detect an unspoken Open border policy in their decision making.

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