Public School Expenditures by State….

We found a website that provided some interesting statistics about public school spending in 2015.

We took their raw base data given and expanded it to see if would could glean more information from the data. For example, they did not give us the number of students, but did provide “total spending” and “total per pupil”, therefore, when you divide the total per pupil into the total spending figure you get the total number of students.

The results:

  • In 2015, the total spending for 49.6 million children in all 50 States was ~$568 Billion for an average of $11,444 per student.
  • Salaries, Wages and Employee Benefits amounted to ~$452 Billion for an average of ~$9,110 per student and 79.61% of total expenditures.
  • All other spending ~$116 Billion for an average of $2,334 per student and 20.39% of total expenditures.
  • Ohio ranked 20th out of 50 States with a total average spend per pupil of $11,637 per pupil.
  • Here is the schedule showing all of the results –

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