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We were asked by a neighbor on to provide information the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) that was formed by an agreement with Concord and Painesville officials.  The relocation of the hospital from Painesville to its current location in Concord caused a financial hardship on Painesville. However, since Concord is a township and cannot collect income taxes, a creative means of collecting income taxes was developed.  A JEDD was created, the Regional Income Taxing Authority (RITA) collects the income tax (using Painesville authority to collect income taxes) from the employees and businesses within the JEDD. Here is how the revenue is split:

Total Receipts CY 2016                       $957,023.33
Rita’s Overhead Costs  (3%)              ($   28,202.45)
Net Revenue to be Distributed         $928,820.88
JEDD (8%)                                               ($   74,305.63)
Balance to be Distributed                  $854,515.25
City of Painesville (25%)                      $213,628.79
Concord Township (75%)                     $640,886.46

We have a great deal of details on yearly expenditures by the JEDD.  Here is a summary from 2014 – August, 2017.
Summary of all JEDD payments 2014 – 2017

The Board Members in the JEDD receive no compensation.

You may be interested in the Auburn Crile Connector Road project costs:

(You may have to rotate it clockwise to read it)
Auburn Crile Connector Road Costs

Here is a summary of the real estate taxes collected for 2017 by Concord’ taxing districts 8,9,10.
Real estate taxes collected 2017

You may be interested in the contract Concord Township has with the Sheriff’s Department:
Sheriff’s contract 2016 – 2019

As an FYI, Tri-Point hospital is a “Non-Profit” and pays no real estate taxes supporting our local schools.  This is another reason for the need for additional real estate taxes from residents.

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