Article on Real Estate Tax…is the American Dream dying for seniors?

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Thanks to a Kirtland ‘Lobbyist for Citizens’ for making us aware of this article from the Ohio Bar Association that was also published in the News-Herald.

The article gives details on how the property valuation process works and the remedies available to the taxpayer.   Depending on how much money can be saved on your property revaluation, hiring an attorney at $150+ per hour to save a few hundred in annual taxes will mean that it may take several years to realize a real cash savings.

We get frustrated when we realize that the Ohio Bar Association has lobbyists that influence politicians, the school board has attorneys defending  their positions, and the teachers’ union uses attorneys to defend their turf.  Who is defending the average taxpayer, who invariable foots the bill for everything?

Please tell me ONE politician that has publicly stood up for the average Lake County taxpayer, and defended their right to maintain the American Dream of home ownership.  The current government model for financing schools, “non-profits” and governmental agencies is simply not sustainable and is driving people out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve. Something MUST be done.

We stand ready to work with any politician, on either side of the aisle, to stop the unconstitutional State of Ohio policy of using property taxes to finance public schools. We are not willing to let the American Dream of home ownership die.

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