Citizen’s Guide to Reducing Local Tax Burden

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We have been asked on several occasions what can be done to reduce local real estate taxes, and specifically the Riverside School levies. Well, thanks to one of our Lobbyists for informing us about a legal aid group known as “1851 Center for Constitutional Law”, we may have a great contact ….here is their mission statement:   1851 Mission Statement

We have sent an email to them asking for some advice on a State of Ohio “Initiated Statue”.  We will keep you informed of their reply.

The 1851 group published on May 30, 2017 “A Citizens Guide to Reducing Your Local Tax Burden”.  It is detailed instructions on what can be done on the local level to reduce local real estate taxes.
There are specific criteria for reducing the rate of a property tax levy:
1. Voters must have approved the levy. (Comment: this seemed obvious to me, Captain)
2. The levy must not expire. It must be enacted “for a continuous period of time.” (Comment: This would exclude operational levies that have a stated duration)
3. The levy must not be for construction of new schools, and must not be a “replacement” or “renewal” levy. (Comment: I am starting to wonder what is left)
4. If there has been another attempt to reduce this property tax levy in your school district, it must have been greater than five years ago.

(Comment: After reviewing the criteria, I do not think that we have a path to contest the Riverside School levies.  However, we are still trying to gather information on the unconstitutional use of real estate taxes as a source of school funding.)

Here is the complete Citizen’s Guide published by 1851 group:
Citizen’s Guide to Reducing Local Tax Burden

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