Perry Nuclear Plant closing….how does it impact Lake County citizens?

We read the article in the News-Herald about the permanent closure of the Perry Nuclear Plant.  We thought we should reach out to Mr. Ed Zupancic, Lake County Auditor, and ask him how will this impact the real estate taxes of Lake County residents. Here is the email:

Dear Mr. Zupancic:

I saw the News-Herald article regarding the permanent closure of the Perry Nuclear Plant, and could not help but wonder what will be the real estate cost impact to the Lake County residents.

I have attached my worksheet on the loss of the tax revenue for each political sub-division due to the previous decrease in valuation of the Perry Plant.  This was generated from the information that you had previously submitted to the Commissioners.

If the total loss in tax revenue due to the decrease in valuation of the public utility valuation is ~$5.6 million, what happens when the entire facility is closed?
Will this closure also impact the Lake County School Financing District?

Ed, we are REALLY concerned that we are on the path of pricing seniors and others living on fixed incomes out of their homes.

Thank you for your help and insight on this important matter.
Brian Massie

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