Ohio’s Public Education System…..it is out of control….

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We just attended a 2 hour meeting in Mentor on State Education Policy. The moderators were State Board Representatives. They wanted us to contact our State legislators and ask them not to support HB 512. It gives control of our schools to the governor, and citizens would lose ability to provide input to how the schools are run. Here is a link that gives more details.


After listening to the officials talk about what is happening in public schools, we made the statement that perhaps we should start all over because what we have is not working.

We mentioned about our research measuring performance versus investment, (we spent $24.1 Billion and achieved an overall 1.55 grade) and their reply was that they did not think that the “achievement”  grade measuring the students’ performance on State tests really was reflective of the students’ proficiency.

Here is the really defining moment for me. They admitted that today’s national and State educators have purposefully lowered the testing standards so that ALL the children will have the chance to succeed. So we now have a goal of “equality of outcome” in our education system, when, in reality, the only thing the government can offer is “equality of opportunity”.  This analogy was given to us at the meeting- if we want everyone to be able to “dunk a basketball”, we will lower the basket until everyone can achieve that goal!!!!

The problems in our schools started a very long time ago, in the 1940’s.  You may wish to read the book “School of Darkness” by Bella V. Dodd. You will not find it in every library.  We had to travel to the main Cleveland Public library and read it as a reference book. We ultimately found it on Amazon. She details how the communists have infiltrated our school system, and school unions. It has been a very slow, methodical approach at destroying our education system.  Evil works in incremental steps.

We now have a system that seem to be dumbing down the next generations, while seniors are priced out of their homes paying for a bloated, ineffective school system.  It is a toxic mix, that is not sustainable. We do not believe we suffer from bad teachers, but rather a societal problem.  When we take God out of the classroom, and we destroy the family, babies, and morality a society will collapse on itself.

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