Sheriff Dunlap’s response… ‘one of you’…

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Here is Sheriff Dunlap’s response…..his ‘one of you’ comments seems a bit condescending, don’t you think?

Dear Mr. Massie,
I have made my position clear on numerous occasions. We have and will continue to cooperate with I.C.E. especially when an illegal immigrant is dangerous to the community. I have taken an oath to support the constitution both of the United States and the State of Ohio. I find it unnecessary to swear such loyalty to individuals or groups whenever they want their agenda confirmed. I stand by our policy and procedure for handling undocumented immigrants #310 dated 11/28/16. It precedes the recent letter by other sheriffs.  My record speaks for itself. I need not reaffirm my oath every time one of you jumps on the internet.

(Comment: We will let the people  of Lake County decide if his ‘one of you’ comment shows his patronizing superiority.  Sorry, I know that I am just one of the “unwashed masses”, but as a voter I want to know where our politicians stand on basic issues, such as protection of legal citizens.)

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