State Issue 1 – Redistricting Procedure Amendment… that a word anymore?

We have been asked about State Issue 1, so we are reaching out to candidates for their position on this State Amendment.  Here is a link that gives the pros and cons on the issue.,_Congressional_Redistricting_Procedures_Amendment_(May_2018)

When we receive the candidates’ responses we will update this post.

Updated: 4/9/18 12:52 pm
Here is the response from State Representative Young’s office:

As a matter of public record, Representative Young voted in favor of SJR5 on February 6, 2018. This is the legislation that was initiated to place Issue 1 on the ballot.

As a voter, like yourself, in Lake County, Ohio, Representative Young does not generally endorse ballot issues. He has one vote just like you. I hope this is helpful in understanding Rep. Young’s position.


Bob Reed
Legislative Aide to State Representative Ron Young
Chairman, Ohio House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee
Ohio House District 61
77 South High Street, 13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 644-6074

(Comment: As a general rule, we are against “gerrymandering” , which is manipulating a district to favor one party over the other.  Power corrupts individuals, and they lose sight of  the needs of the average taxpayer, and think about themselves, their party, their country, and then the taxpayers – in that order. This amendment claims to need bipartisan support before any redistricting can occur – let me know when that happens – in reality, it will probably just grind everything to a halt just like at the Federal level. (Okay, we may be a bit jaded)

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