A chance to meet some candidates….

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Here is chance for you to meet some candidates running for office on the May 8th ballot.

Date and Time:  Monday, April 16 from 6:30 to 8:30
Location: Auburn Career Center   8140 Auburn Road, Concord, Ohio
There will be a Lake County Liberty Coalition banner out front

Here is where the RSVPs currently stand:

Forum Format:
We are very fortunate to have at least 12 candidates accept the invitation to this event, therefore to make the most of our time I am making changes to the original concept:

  • The moderator will address up to 3 questions to all of the candidates running for a particular office
  • Each candidate will then have 1.5 minutes to answer
  • The order of the candidates will rotate with each question
  • If time permits, the audience will be able to ask questions
  • To keep audience interest, the order the offices speaking will be ‘random’
  • There will also be time before and after the event for the audience and candidates to mingle
  • With this forum being question focused, it is strongly recommended you bring your literature so people can understand your background and experience

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