More Bad News about State Pensions….so who is going to pay?

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Thanks to our Kirtland Lobbyist for this article on State Pension plans.  It makes our last public meeting with the Lake County Commissioners all the more important. (See the video for Commissioner Dan Troy’s reaction to our questions on Lakeland Community College unfunded pension liability.)

Here is an excerpt of the article:

“The massive unfunded pension liabilities are becoming a real problem not just for public-sector retirees and workers concerned about their future but for everyone else, too.  As states try to prop up their pension systems, it means less money is available for core government services such as education, public safety and parks.” (emphasis added by us)

(Comment: So the State takes money from education to pay for pensions, guess who is left ‘paying the tab’ for the schools’ lack of funding – yep….ALL OF US that own property)

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