Ohio’s public schools are in trouble….Niles trying to survive

Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyist for this article on Niles schools.


They need a 5.85 mill levy just to stay afloat.  That means the citizens will be asked to pay out of pocket $204.75 annually (5.85 x $35.00/mill), but to meet their  “housing affordability threshold” they will need $682.50 in annual income to pay the additional tax. ($204.75 / .3).

The votes had previously voted down a whopping 9.25 mill levy by 70% of the voters. That equates to $323.75 additional taxes (9.25 x $35.00) requiring $1,079.16 in additional income to cover their HAT. ($323.75 / .3)…Yikes!

Oh by the way, we check the 2016 – 2017 report cards for Niles (Trumbull County) schools.  They earned a “D”.

There is trouble brewing in Ohio’s public schools!

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  1. Brian, it seems our public schools would be better off being privatized or run by an independent contractor. Funny how anything run by our government becomes bloated and inefficient when they know they have gullible taxpayers to bail out.

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