Video of Commissioners’ Meeting…we will let the citizens decide

As promised, here is a video of the Lake County Commissioners’ meeting held on Wednesday, April 4th.  We informed the Commissioners about the taxpayers’ investment in Ohio and Lake County schools, and the grades received for that investment.  We also asked them questions regarding RSVP (employment agency for seniors) and Lakeland Community College’s unfunded pension liability.

(Comment: Please note that the Commissioners did not disagree with our statement that if we stay on the current path of increasing real estate taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes.)

(Comment: In my opinion, Commissioner Troy was “covering his bases” when he discussed the unfunded liability of the Lake County government’s retirement system. Receiving two yellow cautions from the State during their audit makes us even more curious, and we will be pursuing that issue in the coming days.  Has anyone ever heard of the State’s caution to the County? What elected officials forget sometimes is that ultimately payment for unfunded pension liabilities is paid by the taxpayers. Whether the Federal, or State government or the political sub-division actually writes the check,  the taxpayer is the one footing the bill.)

Please let us know if you like us taking and displaying them for you to view in your spare time. By the way, I did get a haircut later in the day…….


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  2. Videotaping the meeting was very helpful.

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