Meeting on School Choice…….

If you are concerned about the public schools and the impact they are having on your property taxes, you may want to come to this event.

THURSDAY April 26th
At the Play Arcade
5900 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights

6:45pm – 8:15pm

Speaker: Chris Long  (President of Ohio Christian Alliance)

A dynamic and passionate speaker, get ready to ask your questions on all things Education related, including School Choice, ECOT, the Ohio Dept. of Education, Alternatives to property taxes, What is the future of school choice? (Private/Religious/Homeschooling) What about vouchers for middle class? What is HB512? Public School report cards.  What exactly is going on at the State House these days? This is a must hear talk! 

 We will be in the front indoor patio area of the Play Arcade.

The area is bigger than the picture at the left makes it look. Part of the room is cut off. We can easily fit 40 people in there comfortably.  We also have free appetizers! courtesy of Americans for Prosperity.

As always, we will speak on getting a grassroots school choice movement GOING! 

This event is put on by the Heights Liberty Coalition and Americans for prosperity.

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