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Thanks to Lobbyist Kim for the following information:

A friend of mine from church gave me a list this week of right to life candidates for the upcoming elections.

I realize this is not on everyone’s priority list, but nonetheless, the confusion that surrounds it is scary.

There are two lists – one put out by the Cleveland Ohio Right to Life Coalition (Which she sent me) and the other that is on the State of Ohio RTL site that I found myself.

I guess people need to be reminded to do their own homework to determine who the right person for the job is.  (Comment: This is a great reminder to be an informed, educated voter.  We just provide information, you have to decide.)

My biggest concern when I looked at these was the Governor discrepancy. This is a power seat and drives our state decision making.

I pray for our country as I see us circling the drain more often than not these days.

Prayers for you and your family and again, thank you for all you do.

Vote Pro-Life

Right to Life Coalition

Here is a link to a webpage that details more about Mike DeWine and his stance on abortion:


(Comment: Keep the FAITH,  Kim – it took us 100 years to get into this mess, and it will take decades to get us back on track……However, it will not happen if we stay on the secular path…IMO)

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