Willoughby- Eastlake School Financial Projections

Schools are pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

We were curious about the Willoughby Eastlake school’s financial condition.  Here is what they posted on their website for March 2018.  This schedule is their five year forecast of revenue, expenses, and their cash position.

Please note that in FY2020 thru FY2022 they predict that they will have a negative cash position without passage of their property tax renewal… It is also interesting to note that their total annual expenditures from FY2017  to FY2022 will increase ~$10.9 million….11.1%  [$97.4 million to $108.3 million]

Those citizens in the W-E School taxing districts better hold on tight to your wallets, because the schools are coming after more.

W-E School Financial Projections

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  1. why is it that school district needs outpace cost of living and inflation numbers year after year?


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