Enthusiasm is no Substitute for Knowledge

My research into the real estate taxes has shown me that solving the problem of pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes starts with addressing the ever increasing costs of public education.  We can certainly debate merits of the current system, but there is no doubt in my mind that the current unconstitutional method of funding is simply not sustainable. IT IS NOT DEBATABLE!

I have accepted some constructive criticism offered by some knowledgeable patriots:  If I continue my headlong pursuit into the world of public education without the proper understanding of what is going on, I will be  like a lamb entering a den of wolves.  My energy and enthusiasm to find the truth about public education will not get me very far.

I will chart a course to try to read as much as I can about public education.  Stay tuned, I will share the information with all interested patriots on this website.

Here are some statistics that you might find interesting: Let’s compare Georgia with Ohio –

    Ohio                                      Georgia

# of Students – 2017                       1.7 million                             1.7 million
# of Schools:
Public School Districts                     610                                              180
Charter  Schools                                362                                                 23

Total Revenue From:

Local                                       $11,623,885,873 (46.1%)       $6,722,971,811  (40.2%)
State                                       $11,649,792,934 (46.3%)       $8,904,852,001  (53.3%)
Federal                                   $  1,914,641,425  (  7.6%)       $1,088,721,704  (  6.5%)
Total Revenue – 2017                $25,188,320,232 (100.0%)  $16,716,545,516  (100.0%)
Average Spend Per Pupil                   $14,816.67                                        $9,581.25

Difference: $8,471,774,716  (54%)  increase in Ohio spending


Here is another interesting fact about Georgia and their real estate taxes for seniors:

If you are 70 years of age – It exempts applicants from school taxes and maintains the exemption of $10,000 for County levies (except bonds).  There is a maximum income limit of $84,115 in Federal Adjusted Gross Income plus Municipal Bonds.

(Comment:  It appears that Ohio has created far more school districts than may be needed.  This has created many more administrators, and increased the cost of Ohio’s public education. There are probably other factors to be considered, but the difference in the number of school districts in obvious.)



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