Illiteracy in U.S. and Ohio….how can this happen?

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Thanks to one of our Kirtland Lobbyists for mentioning this article in the News-Herald:

Here are some adult literacy Facts: Adult Literacy Facts

When you see the startling statistic that 36 million adults in the U.S.  cannot read, write or do basic math at about a 3rd grade level, you wonder how can this happen?  If we assume that there are ~$250 million people in the United States, that means that ~14%  are illiterate!

It is also reported that 66% of Clevelanders are functionally illiterate.  2 out of 3 people in Cleveland- that is a real shame since we have spent untold millions educating people and we end up with these results.

We have created a class of people that will be forever dependent on the government to care for their basic needs.


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