County Comparisons… does Lake County measure up?

At the risk of being accused of being obsessed with numbers…..I found some very interesting statistics on the Center for Community Solutions website.  I have compared six counties (Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Portage, and Summit) in the following categories:

  1. Population
  2. Demographic Projections
  3. Education
  4. Employment
  5. Poverty
  6. Income
  7. Health Coverage
  8. Health Indicators
  9. SNAP (Food Stamps)
  10. Ohio Works First (Cash Assistance)

(You are going to have to rotate the schedules in order to read them clearly)

Link to Population and Demographic Projections: Population and Demographic Projections

Note the aging population in all of the counties.  Portage is the only county that by 2030 will not have the % of those over 65 years of age greater than those under 20.

Link to Education and Employment Chart: Education and Employment

Note that Ashtabula has the greatest % of adults 25+ without a high school diploma, the lowest % of adults 25+ with a bachelors or higher degree, the lowest % of those employed and the greatest % of people not in the labor force.

Link to Poverty and Income: Poverty and Income

Not that Ashtabula has the greatest % of the total population in poverty, and by far the lowest annual income of all the counties and $8,000 lower than the State of Ohio average income of $48,849.

Link to Health Coverage and Health Indicators: Health Coverage and Health Indicators

Note that Ashtabula has the greatest % of their population on Medicaid. (30%), and the highest teen birth rate.  Lorain County the Ohio deaths per 100,000 due to drug overdose. (26 per 100,000, higher than State average of 21 per 100,000)

Link to Food Stamps (SNAP) and Cash Assistance: Food Stamps and Cash Assistance

Note that Ashtabula has the highest % of their population on the SNAP (Food Stamps) with 20%.   Summit County leads with the greatest number of residents on the Ohio Works First program. (Cash assistance)

Lake County is the only county that showed a decrease in population since 2010.

(Comment:  It is a certainty that the population in Lake County is declining and getting much older.  We have a persistent ~10% poverty rate,  with ~6% of those being 65+.  We have experienced a decline of $6,147 in our  average annual income to $56,809.  Regarding medical insurance, 9% of the population have none, and 35,276 of our residents are on Medicaid.  Approximately 18,672 people receive food stamps, and 1,243 receive cash assistance (Welfare).

This paints a very gloomy picture for the future of Lake County and its residents.  The declining annual income means that the average family cannot even keep up with inflation, and this reinforces our claim that if we stay on our current path of increasing real estate taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes.  With a declining annual income it also tells me that not only are seniors going to be in trouble, but many other residents are going to find the next 12 years very difficult financially.

The political sub-divisions will continue to grow in size and the salaries and benefit packages paid to employees in those sub-divisions and the many non-profits will continue to increase.   The private sector and, by extension the citizens through a myriad of taxes, with real estate taxes being a huge local factor,  will eventually have to realize that the whole thing is not sustainable, and will implode.

There are many places to point fingers, and there is enough blame to go around, however, the whole concept of open borders, favored by the Catholic Church, the Democrats, the RINOs, and the Chamber of Commerce are where I think much of the fault lies.   We have ~10% of our population at the poverty level, but we need to bring in more poor people to appease the power brokers to depress wages for the average citizen.  Wal-Mart and other large employer barely pay a wage over the poverty line, and expects the government’s agencies to make up the short-fall so people can survive.

The Church gets new members, the Democrats get  new voters, the RINOs appease their Lobbyists, and the Chamber of Commerce gets reduced wages that fills the bank accounts of their supporters.   And the citizens of Lake County are “on the hook” to pay for education and the social welfare costs of the illegal aliens, and  may eventually lose their homes because of ever increasing taxes!  Wake up seniors and starting pushing back.)

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