United Way needs Lake County volunteers…….RSVP – are you listening?

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Thanks to Lobbyist John for this article about United Way needing volunteers.  It has us a bit perplexed. There seems to be duplication of efforts, and therefore, excess costs to the taxpayers.

United Way is asking “non-profits” for projects to be completed once they find the volunteers. Many of these “non-profits” really know how to work the system – feed at the government trough and then get volunteers to do their work.  What a business model with no financial risk to the executives!

United Way Volunteers

RSVP, sponsored by the Willoughby-Eastlake school district and led by Willoughby-Eastlake school employees,  contends that they control the Lake County volunteers since they are the “employment agency for volunteers”.   United Way has a need for volunteers, so why the need for the article?  Seems to us that United Way should just pick up the phone and contact RSVP –problem solved.  Unless RSVP is not as dominant as we are led to believe.

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