Concord Permissive Vehicle Tax…..I need bigger pockets

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To all the patriots out there – I am back from short vacation, ready to start saving the Republic again, one day at a time.  We continue to gather real estate tax information from the nine Northeast Ohio counties, that will allow us to move forward on our goal of trying to change real estate tax collection for public schools.  Also, we are working on several other issues that impact Lake County and Northeast Ohio.
I had my meeting with the Board of Revision on my requested change to my home valuation.  I will report on it as soon as I get a copy of the audio.

Stay tuned.

Here is an email that I just sent to the Concord Township trustees regarding the $5.00 Permissive Vehicle Tax authorized by the State of Ohio.
I attended a public meeting held by the Lake County Commissioners on June 12th. The topic was the $5.00 permissive motor vehicle tax covered in the Ohio Revised Code sections 4504.02; 4504.15; 4504.16; 4504.24.

The Lake County Engineer, Mr James Gills led the discussion and presented his position on why the Commissioners should pass legislation authorizing the additional $5.00 tax for the entire county.  The tax would collect ~$1,250,000 annually.
During the discussion, Concord Township was mentioned.  It was unclear to the Commissioners or Mr. Gills whether the Concord Township trustees had agreed to pass legislation that authorizes the township to collect a 30% share of the $5.00 motor vehicle tax for road and bridge repairs.
My questions are: Has there been any discussion regarding this $5.00 tax?  If yes, has there been any decision made by the Trustees regarding this tax?
Thank you,
Brian Massie
Updated:  Sunday 6/24 @ 6:40 am
Thanks to Lobbyist John for this letter from Concord Trustee Chris Galloway to the Lake County Commissioners.
Seems like the Concord Trustees have not seen a tax increase that they do not like.
I just received the annual notice from the Ohio Department of Public Safety to renew our license plates.
Last year we paid $15.00 for Local/County tax, and this year it has increased to $20.00.  I will be doing the research to find out which governmental body has seen fit to dig into my pocket again for $5.00 more dollars.  When I consider the extra ~$75 dollars to pay for a “backflow test” for my sprinkler system on top of the $5 to $10 for additional license plate fees, there must be a “tax revolution” soon, or the elected and un-elected bureaucrats will be pricing all of us out of our homes.  To cover my “HAT %” (housing affordability threshold) I need to divide the out of pocket costs by .3.  [($10 + $75)/.3 = $283]  I need to earn an extra $283 a year to pay these taxes, so that I can ensure that I will not be priced out of my home.
To our local politicians and un-elected bureaucrats we say:  Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive.  Your actions and deceptions are not going unnoticed and will come at a cost.  Remember Lobbyists for Citizens are watching. Truth and transparency on all issues are our goals.

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