Concord’s Police Protection…….annual cost and coverage

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Updated: 7/10/18 after speaking with Mr. Rose, Concord’s Administrator.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked about the cost of Concord’s police protection provided by the Sheriff’s Department.  I sent an email to Amy Dawson, Fiscal Officer, and Andy Rose, Administrator, answered since Amy was out of the office.  Here is his reply:

Mr. Massie,
Good morning.  You are correct that the CY-2017 cost for Police protection from the Sheriff’s Office was $735,088.35.  We received two (2) deputies on a 24/7 basis.

(LFC Comments: From prior conversations with the Sheriff’s Department, I was told that it takes at least 5-6 deputies in order to be able to schedule 1.5 deputies on a 24/7 basis.   Mr. Rose indicated that it takes 6 deputies to meet the scheduling requirements for 2 deputies. However, it is probably 7-9 that are needed to meet the new scheduling requirements.

Using the Sheriff’s Department is a much cheaper alternative to Concord having their own police department.  I am told that we would be spend $2 – $3 million annually for our own department.  A police officer, with all added expenses associated with the job, costs about $130,000 per year. That is not just salary, but all expenses of vehicle, gas,  buildings, etc.)


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