Ohio Report Card Reform by State Rep. Mike Duffey

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From Sarah Fowler, State Board of Education Representative for District 7:

Education Reform & The State Report Card:

State Board of Education Member Lisa Woods will welcome State Representative Mike Duffey,
author of HB591 on Report Card Reform, to Northeastern Ohio on Saturday, July 14.  If you
are interested in learning about his efforts to simplify the calculations and make the report card
more user-friendly please consider attending one of his presentations.

7/14/2018  8:30am to 10 AM at the Coppertop in Valley City, 5740 Center Road, Valley City Ohio 44280
Speaking on efforts to reform the State Report Card for schools. Hear the problems that lead up to
important legislation that will more accurately define how effective your local school is performing verses
the often criticized current report card.

7/14/2018  Noon to 2 pm at the Brunswick Library 3649 Center Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212
Representative Duffey will be speaking on efforts to reform the State Report Card for Ohio Schools and
give a power point presentation on his House Bill 591. Superintendents, school faculty and the
general public are all welcome. There is no cost to attend this important public meeting!

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