Ohio as a Retirement State….mixed reviews

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Thanks to Lobbyists Jim W. for this article on retirement in Ohio.  It ranks Ohio in several categories as a retirement State.
Shared from the Cleveland, Ohio Patch:

“If you’re thinking about retirement, a new report suggests you may want to leave Ohio for greener pastures, like…South Dakota. The financing consultant firm Bankrate, based in New York City, recently ranked the best — and worst — states for retirement.

South Dakota topped the list with particularly high marks for well-being and taxes — residents don’t pay income taxes and apparently live in the second most tax-friendly state, according to the Tax Foundation. Meanwhile, Ohio ranked 38th in the country with its best scores coming in cost of living and crime rates. It did worst in taxes and well-being.

Here’s a breakdown of Ohio:

  • Overall rank: 38
  • Cost of living: 5
  • Crime: 20
  • Culture: 33
  • Health care quality: 36
  • Taxes: 45
  • Weather: 26
  • Well-being: 44

After South Dakota, the authors said the best places to retire are Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire and, yes, Florida. Hawaii has the best weather while New Hampshire is best for low crime. Wyoming is best for taxes and South Dakota ranked first for well-being. Vermont ranked No. 1 for culture, Mississippi is best for a low cost of living and Minnesota is best for health care.

On the flip side, the authors say New York, New Mexico, Maryland, Louisiana and Arkansas are the five worst places to retire, with New York ranking dead-last in cost of living and second-to-last in taxes. New Mexico is worst for crime and second-worst for quality of health care.”

(LFC Comments:  In our opinion, some of the rankings seem incorrect, but perhaps it is because we live in the Northeast part of the State.  Our health care quality, in our opinion, is outstanding, but we see an alarming increase in the cost of  food and other basic necessities.   Our increasing ever real estate taxes are pricing seniors out of their homes. So with that in mind, we would agree with the overall ranking.)

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