City of Euclid facing tremendous tax increases

Last night we met with representatives from Euclid, Ohio regarding their unsustainable real estate taxes, and changes to their income tax on the November ballot.  It seems that all of the surrounding communities are facing the same increasing tax burden that we are facing in Lake County.

Some interesting facts we learned about the City of Euclid:

  • The median household income is $35,949 – 46% lower than Ohio average of $52,334
  • 70% of residents are renters not homeowners

Here are their talking points on why Euclid residents should not vote for ANY tax increases, be they property tax or an income tax.      Euclid Talking Points

They are having a picnic as a fund raiser…..Euclid Fund Raiser

We wish our fellow patriots in Euclid good luck.


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