DeWine…less testing, more funding for schools…really?

Thanks to Lobbyist Kirsten for the heads up on the proposed education plan by Mike DeWine, candidate for Governor of Ohio.

“Less testing, more learning: DeWine unveiled his education plan on Thursday, calling for fewer tests and more state funding for poorer schools,reports the Dispatch’s Catherine Candisky. DeWine, who has been criticized for not taking action sooner against ECOT, proposed tying state aid for online charter schools to student performance.”

LFC comment: It is more “redistribution of the wealth”, and, in our opinion, more money for poorer schools is not the answer.  Our analysis of the best and worst performing school districts, as reported on the State mandated “Achievement” tests, showed that last year we spent almost $20,000 per student in the 20 schools that earned an “F” on the State’s achievement tests, and “only” $14,000 per student on the 13 schools that earned an “A”.

Although we agree on the need to reduce the number of tests, more money means more wasteful spending. We need a paradigm shift in public education, and we envision universal school vouchers as a possible solution.  We would like to see the schools competing for the children, and control of the children’s education given back to the parents.


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