Ohio School Funding….a lot of talk, no action

Thanks to Lobbyist Arzella for this article on school funding……everyone knows there is a problem, seniors are being pushed into poverty, but no one really has the spine to do anything about it because the public school’s special interest lobbyists have deep pockets.


A prominent local politician gave me this wise advice when I was lamenting that seniors are being priced out of their homes because of property taxes.  He stated that if there is a problem concerning taxation, nothing will be done by the politicians until the people rise up in mass and put pressure on their legislators.  Unlike business leaders, politicians are reactive by nature, rather than being proactive.

We believe that a paradigm shift is needed in public education.  Here are some of our thoughts on addressing the problem:
1. Freeze school property taxes for all taxpayers 65 years of age and older.
2. Replace the property tax with sales tax – or some combination of the two.
3. Provide universal school vouchers – the State money is given to families and the schools have to compete for the children.
4. Control of the children’s education is given back to the parents. Eliminate the social, emotional, learning curriculum that teaches values and a belief system that the State believes is important.  Teaching propaganda and indoctrination is not in the purview of public schools.
5. Parents can interview school administrators to determine if the school is right for their children.
6. The very best educators can be provided a format on the Internet that allows them to reach thousands of children throughout the State. Compensation of teachers could be increased based on number of students taking their on-line classes.
7. Community colleges must be held accountable for uncontrolled spending and lavish compensation, benefits and pensions for their personnel.


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