Property Tax vs Income Tax for Public School Funding…

Did you know that a public school district could request an income tax be placed on the ballot versus a property tax?  Here is a link to an April 8, 2018 article by Ashtabula’s Star Beacon detailing Geneva’s request for the 1.25% income tax increase.  Our source in the Lake County government told us that the income tax did pass.

It is always interesting to me that when discussing teachers’ pay the lucrative pensions received by teachers is rarely, if ever, mentioned.  However, the continually changing demands of our State Education Board continues to put an additional workload and stress on our teachers.

This is in keeping with our statement that a paradigm shift in education is needed, and we cannot just throw more money at the problem, by pricing seniors out of their homes, and expecting a miracle that there will be the Utopian ideal of total equality and fairness.  On-line education, home schooling, and universal school vouchers should be considered so that the public has the option of accessing the very best teachers.  This would then give the best teachers the opportunity to earn more money by teaching thousands of Ohio students rather than 30 – 40 at a time.

Just as the “one room school” is a thing of the past, the conventional brick and mortar local schools may have to be revamped to meet a changing culture, and reducing the cost of education per child.  We cannot continue on our present path – it is simply unsustainable.


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  1. John,
    Since not everyone learns at the same pace or with the same stimuli, it seems that ideally there may be a combination of some brick and mortar, on-line, and home schooling. What I prefer is the chance to give the parents the option of what is in the best interests of their children, and schools have to compete for the children. If a local school is promoting a liberal, anti-American , socialist/communist curriculum then parents have the option of sending their children to another school. Control of the children is with the parents and not the State. Just my opinion.

  2. I agree! Online education seems to be the answer. We no longer go to brick and mortar stores, so why schools?

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