Ohio School Funding…..has the time arrived for change?

Thanks to Lobbyist Arzella for her research on the school funding issues….It seems that the unfairness of the use of property taxes has been discussed by citizens and politicians for quite some time.

Here is a letter to the editor of the News-Herald dated September 20, 2012 from a Willowick resident calling for a change in public school funding:


Ohio State Representative Andrew Brenner, Chairman of the Ohio Education Committee, wants to start the discussion on overhauling the entire State of Ohio public school funding.  Here is a December 15, 2016 article from Cleveland.com detailing his preliminary ideas on an overall, fundamental change of school funding:


Mr. William Phyllis, a school funding advocate and instrumental in the DeRolph case declaring the use of property taxes unconstitutional, offers a rebuttal to Representative Brenner’s plan.  Here is an article from the Plain Dealer posted on December 20, 2016 with the details of his objections:



(LFC’s Comments:  It is our belief that the time has arrived to take the discussion to the next level.  We will reach out to Representative Brenner and our State Board of Education representative, Sara Fowler, for any updates on this issue.  We will ask how can the average citizen assist in solving this perplexing problem of Ohio school funding.  The current funding mechanism is simply not sustainable.)



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