Commissioner Cirino’s Campaign Reports….you asked for it, we deliver

Yesterday, we posted the Campaign Finance Reports of Commissioner Hamercheck, and today we are posting Commissioner Jerry Cirino’s reports received from the Lake County Board of Elections.
Like Commissioner Hamercheck, Cirino has made a sizable personal investment to earn the right to bring his business acumen to his new role as Lake County Commissioner for the benefit of all Lake County taxpayers.

2015 Semi Annual CIRINO                      2015 Annual CIRINO

2016 Pre Primary CIRINO                       2016 Post Primary CIRINO

2016 Pre General CIRINO                        2016 Post General CIRINO

2017 Semi Annual CIRINO                       2017 Annual CIRINO

2018 Semi Annual CIRINO

As of the last report, the “Cirino for Commissioner” committee had $29,350.46 remaining cash on hand, but with $66,000.00 in loans payable to Cirino and $14,218.83 in outstanding debt to other creditors, the committee’s finances are “upside down”.

We never realized that becoming a public servant can be so personally costly for the candidates.  Becoming a household name in the community is an expensive proposition.  We can start to realize why it is so difficult for the average taxpayer to think about running for public office; for the young person it is virtually impossible. However, at the federal level we have politicians that “went to school with Adam” so with tenure must come untold financial riches and benefits unavailable to the masses they rule over.

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