Continuous Property Tax Levies…….what are they?

We are trying to educated our fellow taxpayers on property tax levies that use the phrase “for a continuing period of time”.  Here is a ‘letter to the editor’ that we will be submitting to the News-Herald and the Gazette.

Subject: Continuous Property Tax Levies

It is important that taxpayers understand the terms used to describe a property tax levy that will appear on the November ballot. Each property tax levy must state the millage, that is the tax rate to be charged, and the period of time that the tax will be collected.

If a tax levy uses the phrase for a “continuing period of time”, “CPT”, or “continuous”, that means that the tax levy has no expiration date.  The property tax will be collected FOREVER, and the voters will be giving up their right to hold the political sub-division accountable for their actions with the taxpayers’ money.

There is a disturbing trend in our communities with the political sub-divisions adding the term “continuing period of time” to their renewal levies, or using “continuous” even with their brand-new levies.  We highly recommend that taxpayers not give up their right to future votes on property tax levies.

If we stay on our current path of ever-increasing property tax levies, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

Please VOTE NO on ALL levies that are for a “continuing period of time”.

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