Lakeland Community College Levy….VOTE A RESOUNDING NO!

We were asked for our opinion on the Lakeland Community College proposed levy.  For an entity that is supposed operate in the best interests of the community, they have not impressed us with their decision making, nor are the trustees being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

  • Our  analysis of their financial statements says that they have $65 million in unfunded pension liabilities.   They are “upside down” on their balance sheet – meaning they do not have enough assets to pay all of their liabilities.
  • They have received almost a 100% increase in property taxes from 2008 – 2018.  The now extract $20 million from the Lake County taxpayers, up from $10 million in 2008.
  • They have experienced “mission creep”, and are far more than what their original intent as a low cost community college.
  • They have doubled their cost of the early college program for 7-12 graders.  Our local school districts must pay for this inflated costs.
  • They offer lower tuition rates for illegals than American citizens.
  • They are not looking out for the best interests of seniors in Lake County.
  • They are protecting their jobs and their pensions, and they are a bastion of liberalism.
LFC is  recommending a NO vote on the LCC levy.
 LAKE COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT (LAKELAND) (COUNTYWIDE) Proposed Bond Issue – $40,000,000 (Est. 0.4M) – Purchasing sites and for the purpose of all or part of the cost of purchasing sites and for the erection, furnishing, and equipment of buildings, including buildings used for Applied Engineering and Manufacturing, Math, and Student Readiness and Support, and for the acquisition or construction of any property which the board of trustees of a community college district is authorized to acquire or construct, including infrastructure and improvements, and repaying moneys previously borrowed, advanced, or granted and expended for such purpose to issue and sell bonds of the College District – 28 years – commencing 2018

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