Ohio Ethics and Election Commissions and …..the start of our “how to manual” for budding activists

As we navigate through the various State of Ohio agencies, and learn what needs to be done to file our complaints, we will share what we have learned with each citizen that cares to become educated on these procedures.

Here is a link to Ohio Ethics Investigation Section:   https://www.ethics.ohio.gov/investigation/index.html

Here is a live link to an outline of the Ohio Ethics Law:  the_ohio_ethics_law_outline

Here is a link to the Ohio Elections Commission:  http://elc.ohio.gov/

How to File a Complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission

Any person can file a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission. In order to do so you must include certain information in the complaint. Complaints must be submitted to the Ohio Elections Commission in the form of an affidavit of complaint.  A letter, or any other type of writing, is sufficient as long as it contains all of the following elements:

1. Name(s) of the person or party filing the complaint;

2. Name(s) of the person or party against whom the allegations are being made;

3. Address or addresses for all of the parties. This includes the person filing the complaint as well as the parties against whom the complaint is filed. Also, please include phone numbers, if they are available;

4. A written narrative or statement of the alleged violation or violations, specifically identifying the statement or statements which you allege to be false and an explanation of the personal knowledge of the complainant;

5. A reference to the section or sections of the Ohio Revised Code alleged to have been violated;

6. The complaint must be based on personal knowledge, originally signed and properly notarized. A proper notarization includes the phrase “signed and sworn before a Notary Public”;

7. Any additional materials or exhibits may be included to support the allegations contained in the complaint.

Once all of these elements are included in the complaint, the complaint should be sent to the following address:

Ohio Elections Commission
77 S. High St.,  Suite 1850
Columbus, Ohio 43215

****Also, please be aware of the following***

  1. The burden of proof for any complaint rests with the party bringing the complaint. The complainant must be prepared to present sufficient evidence to the Commission that a violation has occurred.
  2. Complaints alleging that false statements have been made, those brought under Ohio Revised Code sections 3517.21 and 3517.22, will have an expedited review before a Probable Cause Panel of the Commission. Parties will be notified of the date and time of this review.

Link to website: Ohio Revised Code – Section 3517        http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3517

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