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Our friends and fellow patriots at the speak out (huge understatement there) against the Republicans…. CV00380:_THE_FIASCO_SURROUNDING_ATTORNEY_NANCY_SCHUSTER

by Diane Jones
Published Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Brian Ames of Portage County has been engaged in a heroic legal encounter to correct the mistakes and shortcomings of the Portage County Central Executive Committee for at least two years. With the ouster of Portage GOP Chairman Jonathan Jennings on Saturday, March 30, 2019, it appears that the Portage GOP has the opportunity to clean up its act.

Many of our readers are aware that both the Lake County Republican Central Committee under Chairman Dale Fellows and the Geauga County Republican Central Committee under Chairman Nancy McArthur (chosen by Republican Ed Ryder to be employed at the Geauga County Board of Elections—Does this constitute a CONFLICT OF INTEREST) have been the subjects of litigation over the last few years. Now the same thing has happened to the Portage County GOP inPortage County Common Pleas Court Case No.: 2017-CV-00380.

What is wrong with these Republican organizations?

Doing some research on Geauga County voting patterns, this writer discovered that there are far more voters registered as Independent than either Republicans or Democrats. It would seem that there has been so much underhanded partisan politics that the average voter has decided to shy away from affiliation with either organization.

Something that both political parties need to keep in mind: 48% of all registered Geauga County voters are Independents, the single largest voting majority. They will swing a Geauga election every time so it’s time to make nice with them.

In the meantime, we are very grateful to Brian Ames for bringing litigation to set the Republican faction straight. . . We have a feeling that Mr. Ames’ litigation is just the beginning of many long overdue legal actions against corrupt and unjust behavior.

Brian Ames will appear at the Auburn Career Center 8140 Auburn Road Concord Twp., OH 44077 on the evening of Wednesday, April 24, from 7-9 PM . His topic is “Using Ohio Sunshine Laws, Open Meeting Laws, and Federal FOIA Laws To Combat Corruption.” The presentation is free, but those who wish to attend must register with Eventbrite. We believe that the event will be Standing Room Only. If you have an interest in attending, register via the link here.



(LFC Comments: For those keeping score, here is the breakdown of registered voters for Lake County:

No Party Affiliation          84,695   54.7%
Republican                         43,603   28.1%
Democrats                           26,509  17.1%
Green                                         192      .1%
Total                                   154,999    100.0%

Could anyone get a friend to register just to make it an even 155,000? )

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  1. Lake County GOP is absolutely with out a doubt just as corrupt…so many stories…so little time. Can you say recent Auditor Election? These people eviscerated the ONLY qualified candidate, Belinda Grassi (a Certified Public Accountant who carries her own insurance). Jason Wuliger and Jan Claire were horrible to this poor woman. Know what her crime was? Having the audacity to pull an ISSUES-ONLY ballot during the last election cycle. Unreal. Jan Clair is nothing but a bully!

    How about the way the party treated Kim Laurie, a MILLENIAL who would not compromise her principles and back RINO Republicans running for office (“Just Dave” Joyce as an example). They did not help Matt Lynch either…why? Because he’s NOT corruptible. The patriots got Matt Lynch in anyway…and guess where he sits? The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes, God shone down his love on us that day…and we’ve got 4 years to get as much in front of this court as possible…to clean all this mess up. I am watching Brian Ames with great interest. Lake County needs to begin to do the same thing.

    Most ALL politicians at ALL LEVELS lie to your face to get elected and then stab you in the back once they get in. Local party leadership is no different…and they are in cahoots with the cabal to make sure none of the white hats ever make it when trying to run for higher office. If they don’t think you will play ball, you can’t even get into the district voting position. If you really helped them out, you might get a quid pro quo board appointment…but it will be a nice safe board somewhere…you won’t have any real power.

    No, the Lake County GOP only backs (and the sitting cabal members only endorse) those who have paid their dues and will “play ball.” Disgusting! Galloway is unelectable…this is payback. Kim Laurie came out of nowhere and kicked his butt in the primary race for County Commissioner. HE ONLY WON THE AUDITOR JOB BY 6 VOTES and 3 people didn’t vote because names were printed on the ballots and they felt intimidated by the party. This is his own party! LOL

    This is the way both parties work. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TYRANNY PEOPLE! Stop supporting the parties and their stupid PACs. Support the candidates. And watch who endorses who…should tell you a lot.

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    • Wow, this may leave some marks…..and bruised egos….

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      • Just spent some time reviewing your site. I thought Dale Fellows getting $15K a year to work for the board of elections…12 meetings a year. I never knew that before. Huge conflict of interest just like in Geauga County! That explains a LOT. He’s absolutely compromised. Plus his printing company probably makes a killing on mailers and such during election time. Leadership in the party must change…that number of independents is growing by the day. That’s a pretty high percentage…nearly 55% of registered voters in Lake County are independents. That voting block can swing any election in Lake County as well.


      • We would not be surprised if the number of independents in Lake and Geauga continue to increase. Voters are REALLY becoming disenchanted with the existing parties. They both seem bent on the destruction of our country. No Borders = No Sovereignty = No Country…..We are very tired of the deceptions being played on the patriots of this country.


  2. To GOP Central Committee Anon: Well said!


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