Kirtland Schools…..they have a capable leader

We met with Kirtland School Superintendent Mr. Bill Wade yesterday. We found Mr. Wade to be kind, personable, and gracious with his time; he is very well informed about the property tax issues and their impact on Kirtland schools and the residents.

An interesting statistic we learned: 75% of Kirtland residents do not have a child in the Kirtland schools.

With the severe lack of funding from the State, Kirtland residents are in a very difficult position.  The school’s survival depends a great deal on the resident’s support for the renewal levy on the May ballot since 75.6 % of their funding comes from local property taxes (State average is 42.6%).

The old State funding formula provides only $636.17 per pupil, while similar districts receive $2,550.21, and the State average for all schools is $4,024.25.  Kirtland residents are getting only 15.8% of the State average [$636.17 / $4,024.25].  Although the new State funding formula will provide additional resources, it will not replace the $1.45 million that the renewal levy will provide.   The new funding formula will only postpone the need for a new future levy, but new levies are inevitable for all public schools.

Kirtland is very fortunate to have such a capable person leading their public school.  We wish him great success in his career.

We look forward to speaking to Kirtland residents about property taxes on April 16th from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm at the Kirtland library.

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  3. Should be a renewal that brings in the same amount from each homeowner. Regarding the redistribution of the wealth – we agree but that is the system that we have.

  4. This highlights an issue and raises a question. First, the redistribution of wealth, for the residents of Kirtland probably already pay a disproportionately high percentage of the state’s tax dollars that are used to fund school districts, and receive less than the average in return. This is wrong!

    Second, is this one of those renewals that actually brings in more money (i.e. increases the tax dollars paid by residents) or is it truly a renewal that doesn’t change what the taxpayers are paying?

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