Senate Bill 11…get informed

We are pleased to pass along this article we received from the Ohio Value Voters…

S. B. 11, introduced by Senator Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood), will provide special rights in Ohio to the LGBT-Q community. This bill named, The Ohio Fairness Act, places all members of this ever-evolving community in its own protected class. It is an assault on religious liberties in Ohio. Among other things this 114-page document will:
  • Require biological men be allowed in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers if they claim they identify as women.
  • Require boys be allowed to play in girls’ sports in public schools if they claim they identify as women.
  • Force women’s homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters to allow biological men who claim to identify as women to bathe and bunk with women.
  • Allow state government to remove children from parents’ custody who don’t consent to dangerous conversion/hormone therapy.
  • Force doctors to participate in “gender transition” surgeries and procedures.
  • Require businesses to participate in same-sex weddings, even if the wedding violates their religious beliefs.
THIS BILL MAY MOVE OUT OF THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE AND COME TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE VERY SOON. Contact your senator and urge them to vote AGAINST the Ohio Fairness Act. It strips parents of their right to raise their children with values they deem appropriate and takes away religious liberties in our state.
Source: Pastor Dan Wolvin, Awake America Ohio

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  1. This continues the ongoing saga of normalizing deviancy and condemning that which God’s Word, the Bible, teaches. The proponents of this deviancy will never give up unless God changes their hearts. And because God loves them, He is willing to do so, if they will but reach out to Him.


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